Ozzie technical service laboratories provide a variety of sterilization efficiency tests which can help customers solve issues in regard to anti-corrosion, anti mildew, algae and sterilization problems. Some examples of this include:
1.The anti-corrosion effect of the tank;
2.Hypothesis challenge experiment;
3.Accelerate the mold effect test (agar plate test);
4.Assessment of contaminated plant samples;
5.Sterilization rate of the minimum amount of addition and other microbiological experiments;
6.Confirm the biological degradation;
7.Confirm the segregation and mildew caused by microorganisms;
8.Accelerating algae effect experiment;
9.ASTM test method;
10.Accelerated weathering test;
11.Special application method.
Factory cleaning consultation and field support
Good production environment is an important prerequisite for quality assurance, Ozzie provides the following services:
1.Inspect the factory production environment and test the degree of contamination in the production process;
2.Help to establish a biological laboratory for testing of raw materials, water and sterile conditions of the finished product;
3.Complete test method;
4.To provide targeted lectures and training of technical personnel.
Physical and chemical analysis
1.Physical phase solubility experiment;
2.Chemical analysis;
3.Process support.