Coatings, Paints & Inks

BIT 85%         

In-Can Preservation for Paints, Adhesives and Related Products

Chemical Name: 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one

Cas No.:2634-33-5
BIT 85% biocide is a broad spectrum microbicide for the preservation of industrial water-based products against the attack of microorganisms. BIT 85%  Powder containing 99% W/W 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one.
BIT 85% is specifically recommended for the preservation of polymer emulsions, paints and coatings, adhesives, and printing inks.
Typical Properties
These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications


White to light yellow powder

Active Ingredient


Content of Moisture (%)


Product Benefits
1. Broad spectrum activity in high pH systems, controlling bacteria, fungi and yeasts.
2. Stable in the presence of amines.
3. Non specific mode of action, resulting in reduced microbial resistance potential.
4. Ease of handling due to its liquid form and good compatibility in most aqueous compositions.
5. Excellent performance with co-biocides like CMI/MI, bronopol or formaldehyde releasers, which allow performance enhancements and cost reduction.
6. The active ingredient is non-volatile and has a comparatively high heat stability which allows the incorporation in fluids which are still hot.
7. High purity active ingredient, made evident by its clear light colour.
Antimicrobial Properties

Used at recommended dose levels, BIT-85 biocide is effective against the following microorganisms:

Bacteria                                                                                                     Mould
Pseudomonas aeruginosa                                                                             Fusarium solani
Pseudomonas fluorescens                                                                            Aspergilus niger
Pseudomonas putida                                                                                   Alternaria alternata
Escherichia coli                                                                                          Aureobasidium pullulans
Klebsiella pneumoniae                                                                                Chaetomium globosum
Enterobacter cloacae
Citrobacter freundii
Proteus vulgaris

Staphylococcus aureus

Directions for Use
Below are some general dosing recommendations, however, it is recommended to do specific testing on the end product to determine optimal dose levels.

Product                                                                                                         BIT-85%

(based on total weight of product)

Polymer Emulsions:
Polymer emulsions based on styrene                                                              0.005 - 0.015%
acrylic, acrylic, butadiene, PVA and
styrene for various applications.

Emulsions paints and coatings                                                                        0.005 - 0.025%

Water based adhesives                                                                                  0.005 - 0.025%

Printing Inks and fountain solutions                                                                0 005 - 0.015%

Plasters                                                                                                        0.005 - 0.025%

Building materials such as caulks,                                                                   0.008 - 0.025%
sealants, grouts, spackling, ready-mix cement
and wallboard compounds, and tape joint compounds.

Oil recovery materials, such as drill muds,
packer fluids, and completion fluids,                                                               0.005 - 0.015%
containing polysaccharide fluid loss control agents and/or thickeners
such as starch.

Secondary oil recovery injection water containing additives,
such as polymer or micellar/polymer waterfloods using thickeners                     0.0015 - 0.015%

such as xanthan gum.


25 kg per cardboard drum.