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Sodium anisate

Structural formula:

Chemical name:sodium 4-methoxybenzoate

Molecular formula: C8H7NaO3

Molecular weight: 174.13

CAS RN: 536-45-8

Physical and chemical properties:

Flash point: 115.5℃ Boiling point: 278.3℃ at  760mmHg

Solubility in 100g o water: 20℃ 17.2%;25℃ 22.0%;30℃  27.0% 40℃  40.0%

Quality index:




White to slight yellow power

Assay (HPLC)


Color of solution(1:10)

Clear to slight yellow

PH (1% aqueous solution)
PH(1% solution)


Loss on drying


Anisic aldehyde (HPLC)


Anethole (HPLC)


Uses: as preservation of cosmetics and daily chemicals

Packing: 25kg drum or 20kg carton, or at the request of client.