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Propyl Paraben                                                  Email:sales@ozziechemical.com

CAS: 94-13-3

INCI name: Propyl Paraben
Other name:Nipasol M, NP-P
Propyl Paraben broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, inhibit gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, yeast and mold also has the strong inhibitory effect. The goods can be used alone, also can and other neper esters of gold distribution, so as to achieve better antiseptic effect. Can be used in cosmetics and personal care products, medicine, food, and other industrial products, in more than 50 years of application, the use of very low concentrations, can effectively inhibit bacteria and fungi.





white crystal


Slight characteristic Odor



Melting point()



1.Soluble in alcohol, ether and propylene glycol, soluble in water.

2.Low irritating, small side effects, especially suitable for the preparation of high security system of cosmetics.

3.Broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, inhibit bacterium of positive of gram-negative bacteria, and has certain inhibition on the yeast and mold.

4.Use a wide range of pH range (pH = 4 to 8), add the wide temperature range.

5.With other anti-mold preservatives (Germall Ⅱ, IPBC, etc.) together, can effectively form a safe, effective and efficient cosmetic preservative system.


Acute oral Toxicity test (mice)  LD50=8000mg/kg

Compatibility: good compatibility with various components of cosmetics, the experimental results showed that the antibacterial ability are not affected by surface active agent in cosmetics, protein, and the effect of Chinese herbal medicine and other additives.

Areas of application

1. cream lotion

2. hair care products

3. sunscreen product

4. infant product

5. Skin care liquid, water and wet wipes, etc

6. Other reside and wash products

Suggested usage

Upon different preparations, recommended dosage: 0.1-0.4%

Method of use:

Add oil phase in the emulsion products; In water, propylene glycol and solvent , dissolved and add.

Packing specification
Cardboard barrel: 25kg/drum;


Kept in the dark, cool and dry place, sealed storage. Shelf life 24 Months.