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Preservative for the Treatment of Industrial Process Systems

2-bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol (bronopol)

CAS No.: 52-51-7

EINECS No.: 200-143-0


BRONOPOL 99% Water Treatment Microbiocide preservative is broad-spectrum bactericide used to control microbial growth and its associated problems in industrial process systems such as cooling water, oil production and transport, pulp and paper production.

When BRONOPOL  is used in industrial process or as a preservative in water- containing systems, it provides the following benefits:

1.Efficacy against Pseudomonas

2.Control of slime-forming bacteria

3.Control of anaerobic organisms responsible for microbial-induced corrosion

4.Application approvals in numerous international markets

Typical Properties

These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications


White or almost white crystalline powder

Purity, % by wt. (min.):


Water Content, % by wt. (max.)


Melting Point:


pH of 1% Solution @ 20°C


Applications/Directions for Use

BRONOPOL Water Treatment Microbiocide preservative may be used in the following end-use applications.

Pulp and Paper

BRONOPOL  Water Treatment Microbiocide may be used for the control of slime- forming bacteria in paper mill process water and bulk pulp. It can be added into the hydropulper, machine chest or stock check. The correct dose of active ingredient for these applications is 10-250 ppm BRONOPOL in paper mill process water and 50-250 ppm BRONOPOL in bulk pulp.


25Kg Fiber drum.